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10 september  DEFERRED 2022

Performance, Le goût de la Vie, théâtre de verdure in Audrix, songs and poesies, with Catherine Brunon (voice and instruments)

21 August

Concert, Magnificat en Bohème, church Saint-Maur of Martel, Bach, Kuhnau, Telemann, dm Patrick hilliard, baroque orchestra La Domitienne, (alto solo)

19 August

Concert, Bach to Bach, church Saint-Maur of Martel, dm Partrick Hilliard, Baroque orchestra La Domitienne, (alto solo)

26 July

Recital, church Saint-Maur of Martel, musical walk in 19th century Europe, piano Emmanuel Ferrer Laloe.

19 February

participation in the Deep Forest live streaming concert broadcast from Eric Mouquet's studio somewhere in Dordogne.

tickets on sale at

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