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2 - 12 and 20 december

Musician for a day, workshop animation in company with Musique & Vous la Boite.

30 November and 1 December

Vocal Coaching for vocal group "Les Gabariers" in Argentat and "Tulla Voce" in Tulle.

17 November

Concert, the Palace theater in Périgueux, Petite messe solennelle of Rossini (alto solo), with the vocal Ensemble from Périgueux, Patrick Hilliard (dm)

5 October

Private recital, New York City, for the benefit of Oratorio Society of New York, French melodies, Robert Shattuck (piano)

24 August

Concert, church in Martel, Vivaldi Dixit Dominus RV 595, various works of Tuma (alto solo), Internship of choir Pays de Martel, Patrick Hilliard (dm)

22 August

Concert, church in Floirac, works of Vivaldi with the baroque orchestra "La Domitienne" Christopher Hainsworth (dm)

12 May

Concert, church in Belvès, Stabat Mater of Pergolesi, (alto solo),Yaël Benzaquen (soprano solo), Patrick Hilliard (organ and harpsichord)

23 April

Recital "Cordées de Nuit", Le Théâtre de la Rue de Belleville in Nantes , Eric Vignau (tenor), # Musique et Vous (string trio)

13 April

The Marriage of Figaro (Marcellina), L'Orange Bleue, Espace Culturel d'Eaubonne, Eric Perez (ms), Gaspard Brécourt (dm).

4 April

Recital "Amours Impossibles", Auditorium Desevedavy in Orvault , Pierre Desvigne (actor), Thibaut Maignan (piano)

23 March

The Marriage of Figaro (Marcellina), Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck (Luxembourg), Eric Perez (ms), Gaspard Brécourt (dm).

16 January

Recital, Entrepôt du Haillan, Eglise, Patrick Hilliard (piano)

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